About Sarah

Who is Sarah?

Hi, I’m Sarah Ridout. Thank you for visiting positivelifezone.com

Originally, I’m from the South West of England, near Stonehenge, but have lived in many places, including Birmingham, London and the Pyrenees in South West France. Now I’m back in Suffolk after a long gap.

I had a long career working in the National Health Service (NHS), both in clinical practice and later in management and compliance. I have a history of coaching people to enable them to achieve their goals. The way I do that has evolved with my own life journey.

I have been supporting clients using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Coaching sessions since 2012. I added Meta Health shortly afterwards.

I am deeply committed to supporting you to let go of what is holding you back so you are free to live in The Positive Life Zone.

My Story

In my NHS career, first I trained and worked as a Podiatrist. I was always interested in the quality of services; how did we know we were doing the ‘right thing’ for patients?  Were patients actually getting better as a result of what hospitals did? I branched into quality and safety to help improve the services that patients received.

Later still, I became interested in risk management – what was likely to go wrong for patients? what could be done to prevent things going wrong and how could we learn from what did actually go wrong so they wouldn’t happen again?

I specialised in supporting NHS organisations in complying with stringent litigation safety standards. I used to coach staff on the requirements and support them in developing systems and frameworks to meet those standards within their own hospitals, again with the aim of improving care for patients.

Each hospital had slightly different needs and so whilst I could suggest things that might work, it was always up to the organisation itself to agree what was right for it and to make those changes, I did not do it for them. Whilst blowing my own trumpet, I can justifiably say that I was good at it and my company had a 100% success record in supporting organisations to pass their assessments using this style of coaching and detailed organisation.

During this time, something big happened.

I found out about the mind:body connection.

I discovered that the physical problems people were experiencing were often connected with events that had happened in their immediate or distant past. I learned that we can influence our own health with what we think! New doors opened in terms of learning – epigenetics, the morphic field, quantum physics, the Law of Attraction and many more.

These might be BIG words but they have a simple meaning:
That people can be empowered to support/heal themselves – yes THEMSELVES!

This realisation came over a number of years, while I was experiencing my own life challenges.

I believe we can support our own health in much more constructive ways than the modern health system currently believes or allows.

Seeing how unsustainable the NHS now is (A&E attendances for example, are at a record) and many people are experiencing chronic symptoms, I became disenchanted, knowing there is another way, but not being able to yet see how to make those changes.

And so I left.

I didn’t think I would ever be a therapist again, having quit clinical practice as a podiatrist years ago, but I began to work with people using the same cutting edge energy psychology therapies which helped me so much (such as Matrix Re-imprinting and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)) alongside Meta-Health; a new way of looking at health and what disrupts it (causing illness or disease) to support people in changing their lives.

I never cease to be amazed at the wisdom in our bodies and the effectiveness of these therapies. I am honoured to share client journeys to better health and vitality.

What now for me?

My own journey continues through study of different spiritual and religious paths and ceremony at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. In learning about various traditions (and the space in between them), I am finding my own path to understanding divine connection and joy.

After my training, I will be able to offer spiritual guidance – a practice of being alongside people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with the divine, or to learn to grow in their own spirituality. Spiritual guidance is not about fixing or preaching to people; it’s about being in divine love and deepening our connection with it. It’s also not therapy, rather a process of exploration. I hope it will complement my other skills beautifully.

As an Interfaith Minister, I’ll also be able to facilitate ceremonies, such as rites of passage, weddings and funerals. I wait to see whether this aspect of the work is for me.

I feel a sense of great joy and wonder at the universe and greater purpose.

I also love motorcycling so hope to enjoy more happy trails!

What kind of person am I?

I love being with and talking to people; this is clearly an essential quality in a therapist!

I am a supportive and gentle in my approach to coaching and therapy. I can also be straight-talking and I have seen a bit of life, so I’m pretty unflappable. My ethics are stringent (from years in the NHS) and so you don’t need to worry about sharing your ‘stuff’ with me (although there are ways to work where you don’t actually need to tell me anything).

If you’re ready to release the pain of what’s holding you back, please contact me and let’s get started.