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Saying Goodbye…. a blog post about grief

I know it’s a different kind of post for this site, but grief seems to be all around just now… Grief of friends who have lost a loved one Grief for a woman who died from a heart attack at the...
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Valentine’s Self Care: Date Night for One…

If you’re in a relationship, date night is a really important part of giving one another regular quality time, without necessarily going out. This comes into even sharper focus on Valentine’s Day. But what if there isn’t a certain someone?...
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Self Care: Dry January is Over… How Did you Do?

The idea of Dry January was to quit drinking alcohol for the month of January. Was it trouble-free, or was it a trauma? Did you thrive or did you dive? What did you learn about yourself? Dry January provides the...
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The Unfortunate Case of Belching – Nutrition or Emotions?

What causes abdominal bloating and upper end gas and what to do about it!  Is it purely nutritional, or is something else going on too? My sister flew in from the USA and we had some time in London before...
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Weight Loss and Christmas: A Match Made on the Jeremy Kyle Show

So, that was Christmas… and what have you done? Sorry, that was a poor imitation of a classic song. My Christmas was a lovely time spent with family. My family does eating at Christmas and I chose to join them...
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Body Image: On Buying Smaller Gym Gear

My gym trousers were falling down! Now, I wish this was something to celebrate, but the truth is they were old and I had already lost weight before starting this ‘leg’ of my fitness and body image journey. They weren’t...
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How to Tap Using EFT

January 29, 2015
I keep talking about this EFT tapping business, but how do we do it?  You don’t even need to believe that EFT works for it to be effective, just give it a go! This technique is awesome for releasing stuck...
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Body Image: Taking the Bull by the Horns

Lesson 101 in the blogging manual says ‘write about what’s live for you’.  So I’m going to do just that (written in Nov 2014). I have been thinking about how better to look after my body and perhaps in the...
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My first blog post

Hello, Sarah here – just welcoming you to my yummy blog. Love Sarah
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