Body Image: On Buying Smaller Gym Gear

My gym trousers were falling down!

Now, I wish this was something to celebrate, but the truth is they were old and I had already lost weight before starting this ‘leg’ of my fitness and body image journey. They weren’t really fit to go to the gym and 3 weeks in, I almost lost them!

I was in a dilemma. I didn’t want to buy one size smaller, because I’m not intending to be that size for very long… BUT what if lycra 2-sizes smaller doesn’t stretch that far?

I compromised by buying one of each (cheap stuff in the bigger size and nicer stuff in the smaller size). I bought online – I couldn’t be bothered with all that shopping malarkey, so I had them delivered.

The verdict…

The larger yoga trousers are sleek and black. The cellulite on my thighs shimmers beautifully in them! They have a really tight waistband so my muffin tops are bigger than before, even though my waist is smaller. What the heck?!

With the smaller ones, I made an online shopping faux pas. I didn’t look in detail at the fabric – its miniature leopard skin effect in grey/black… haha. But, they were kind of funky, ¾ length, so I tried them on.

The waistband of the smaller trousers is not so tight as the bigger ones! And lycra 2 sizes smaller does indeed stretch, even if the leopard looks like its eaten a gazelle in a single meal…   A long t-shirt covers a multitude of bumps.

So, the smaller ones is what I’ve been wearing mostly. I had something to celebrate after all! I can honestly say I am wearing clothes 2 sizes smaller than I was last month!

The top that came with the smaller trousers is supposed to be a bra. Hahahaha.

Nope. The first time on the treadmill was slightly uncomfortable. I now have a truss that would defy even Derren Brown and my chest can rest in peace.

It felt good to invest in myself in this way. My new gear is comfortable and super-practical for washing. I’m happy with my purchases and my body image improved immediately.

My question to you is: How can you invest in yourself this week?

What small thing would help you achieve your goals and remind you that you care about you? It could be as small as taking time to have a long bath to wind down, having an early night so you can awake refreshed, or buying something that would make a positive difference to your life.

If you would like to join me on this marvellous journey to health and vitality, or if you have health or life issues that you would like to resolve, please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to see how we could work together.

December 15th 2015

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