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Consultation Fees


EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Sessions

  • One EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Session with Sarah
  • Sessions are 90 minutes long.
  • A single session is great for working on a targeted issue or as a trial to see whether you would like to do more detailed work together.

OR If you have a HEALTH ISSUE
and want to understand the underlying Emotional Cause

BOOK IN for a state-of-the-art META-HEALTH ANALYSIS

What else you need to know
about booking and your appointment


I can work with you using Skype or in person in Sudbury, Suffolk.

I am able to offer home visits in the area (may incur an extra fee depending on distance).

Face to face travel expenses per visit from CO10, Sudbury, UK:

Up to 10 miles = Free of charge
10 – 20 miles = £1 per mile (one way only)
Over 20 miles = lets do Skype!


Payment accepted by BACS, cash, cheque or PayPal.

Please note there is a 48 hours cancellation notice period to avoid payment of a booked session.

What does the free consultation session include?

The free consultation session is for me to listen to what you would like to work on in your life and for us to discuss how I might be able to help you.  We can cover how the issue affects your life and what physical and emotional issues are related to it.  If there is time, we may be able to do a sample tap on something simple so you can try out the process.

I can make a suggestion about how many sessions you may need, although everyone is different and there are no guarantees.  I can also suggest whether I think you might benefit from a full Meta Health analysis or whether we can work aspects of Meta Health understanding into a regular EFT and Matrix Reimprinting session.

How many sessions will I need?

Every person is different, so this is not an exact science.  Some specific issues can be resolved quite quickly, such as phobias, but every person has a different history and trying to group people could be disrespectful of their personal journey.

Think of migraines – from a Meta health perspective, these are more complex conditions, often with multiple aspects.  They would normally take several sessions.  Other conditions and pain can be resolved quickly.  It depends on what you are looking for from your sessions – relief from something very specific, or a life-transformation!

An important thing to remember is that while we may work on one specific issue, there will be a general effect from tapping on stress and wellbeing.

What do I need to bring to the session?

If you are having a Meta Health analysis, you’ll need to complete a timeline beforehand.  This will need to be sent to me for review before the session.

The only other time you may need to prepare for a session is if you want to let go of a craving for a certain kind of food or drink.  Bringing that thing to your session is a really powerful way of releasing your craving for it.

For all other sessions, there is nothing you need to bring to the session. A bottle of water is helpful for ongoing hydration, but I can provide that too.

If we are working on Skype, you will need a glass of water and tissues just in case.

What do I need to do after the session?

It is important to drink plenty of water after the session.  Sometimes you may feel tired afterwards.

Do I have to believe in EFT in order for it to work?

EFT will work whether you believe in it or not. You simply have to be open-minded enough to try! With most people, seeing is believing.  It was for me.

EFT is easy. Can I do it by myself?

Yes, you can do it by yourself!  There are also lots of resources online – I hope to create some of my own soon too.

There are times, however, when it is extremely helpful to work with an experienced coach who can provide a safe space and guide you through more uncomfortable, complex or difficult issues.  I will be able to support you in finding and releasing deeper beliefs, so progress is normally quicker too.

Is EFT safe?

EFT is completely safe and there are no known negative side effects.

Anyone using EFT must assume full responsibility for their own health and seek appropriate advice if needed.  It is not a substitute for medical guidance.

What if it is too painful for me to talk about my problem?

I am to provide a safe space where it’s OK to speak openly, but there is no pressure to do this.

There are ways of using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting where you do not need to reveal any details about events and I absolutely respect and support your choice to work in this way.  It can minimise the distress of going to difficult places, but the trauma can still be released.

Its remarkable – EFT is just as successful!

What about medical problems?

We use EFT successfully on a wide variety of issues and it is considered a complementary therapy and as such does should not replace seeking qualified medical advice where needed.  See full disclaimer here.

Professional Bodies

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