The Unfortunate Case of Belching – Nutrition or Emotions?

What causes abdominal bloating and upper end gas and what to do about it!  Is it purely nutritional, or is something else going on too?

My sister flew in from the USA and we had some time in London before the Christmas holidays. She had a food-tourism shopping list – her faves that she can’t get in Texas… greasy spoon breakfasts, pizza, kebab (we didn’t have time to squeeze in fish and chips sadly!).

I joined her willingly.

While we were in London I did something different to usual. I got up went to the gym in lieu of a lie-in… Yes me, self-confessed recovering gym phobic went, by myself to the hotel gym… twice. Amazeballs! Must be the personal training!

Then we went off to Wiltshire for a family Christmas.

I’ve already written a blog about the Christmas blow-out, but I didn’t talk about its unexpected side effect…

The immediate effect of the drastically altered diet I ate in London and Wiltshire was a sluggish feeling. That along with abdominal bloating and upper end gas! My eldest sister is not a fan of the belch/ burp/ galp, whatever you call it, but I could not stop! It was actually quite painful! Not to mention a little awkward – I don’t normally do embarrassment in this regard and I can be very proud of my belches in true schoolboy humour style, but it was beyond a joke.

A little research shows that belching can be caused by aerophagia (the voluntary or involuntary swallowing of air). Swallowing excessive amounts of air can happen when eating or drinking too quickly, or when talking and eating together among others.

Belching can also be caused by foods, including: carbonated drinks, alcohol, and foods high in starch, sugar, or fibre that cause gas such as beans, lentils, broccoli, peas, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, bananas, raisins, and whole-wheat bread. Hmm, yes, I did eat a lot, but no alcohol.

Thirdly, some medications can cause upper end gas, including: laxatives like lactulose and sorbitol, and pain medications like ibuprofen, and aspirin.  I don’t take any of them, so not that.

Lastly, some medical conditions may also cause belching as a symptom (although it is not a diagnostic symptom): gastroesophageal reflux (when stomach acid flows upward into the oesophagus, or food pipe, gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), peptic ulcers, lactose intolerance; fructose or sorbitol malabsorption, etc.  I don’t have these either happily.

All I can say is, my digestive system must have been in total shock. All the wheat, dairy, processed sugar, not to mention the sheer volume were playing havoc with my insides…

It acted as a reminder that my choices weren’t the healthiest and that I could choose differently if I wanted.

How is your body reminding you that your choices might not be suiting your body as much as they could be?

Do you have physical symptoms?

Are you acknowledging these symptoms and accepting them willingly, or are you sticking your head in the sand?

Would you like to free yourself of your symptoms?

My belief is that there are often two main parts of physical symptoms:

1          Diet and nutrition

2          Emotional causes

Yes, I believe that many of our physical symptoms have emotional causes.

Could there have been an emotional cause for my belching?   In META Health, we ask for a medical diagnosis to identify the body tissue involved in symptom you are experiencing.  I didn’t have a diagnosis, but it was my stomach that was sore.  The META Health theme of this tissue relates to an indigestible conflict: an inability to break down a big chunk, either physically or emotionally.  Was there a conflict for me?  Yes there was a small one, which was resolved shortly before I left. Things cleared up as soon as I came home, but importantly my diet changed as well.  So, on balance, I feel that nutritional is more the issue in this specific case.

What about other conditions?  What about their emotional component?  A few examples would be:

  • Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Skin conditions
  • Sexual issues
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Diabetes                     to name just a few

All of these have an important emotional component in META Health terms and many of them a likely dietary component.  I’ll explain more about the process the body goes through using the META Health model in a future post.

I’m beginning to understand even more in our holistic model that perhaps its not nutrition or emotions, it’s nutrition and emotions!  If you would like to understand how this concept might be affecting you, please contact me.

Using the process of META Health, I am able to review your timeline and work with you to identify which specific emotional issue is leading to which symptom. From there, I can support you with techniques that can liberate you from those underlying emotional issues, so you can release your body of the symptoms. Amazing isn’t it!

I love the fact that this process exists, so we no longer have to be bound to our emotional baggage and we can move on with our lives more happy and free.

If you want to know more, please contact me.

With love


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Good post! I know what you mean about the belching…. Have that same issue myself


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