Valentine’s Self Care: Date Night for One…

If you’re in a relationship, date night is a really important part of giving one another regular quality time, without necessarily going out. This comes into even sharper focus on Valentine’s Day. But what if there isn’t a certain someone? What does the single person do to treat themself then?

If you are feeling that you’d like a date and have no mates nearby to go out with, especially on Valentine’s Day…how about this

Today I had that feeling. I’m quite new in town. Most of my friends live far away and I had a short moment of loneliness.

Then I remembered all the good things about being in my current situation: Independence, no snoring or fighting over the duvet, the toilet seat is down; you know the kind of things. I soon realised that I don’t need a date to look after myself and feel good… I am pretty good company after all 😉

I decided to have date night for one.

Because here’s the thing, I won’t always have the luxury of doing exactly as I please. I’ll have other luxuries, like someone to snuggle up with, but right now this is one way I can self care.

Off I toddled to the shops and bought some nice protein, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms to go with some carrots and parsnips I already had.

I text my friend to tell her I was doing this… She asked if I was dressing up?

I hadn’t thought of that…what a great idea!

So, I’ve prepped my vegetables whilst listening to 80’s music, I’m going to have a little tidy around and then I’m going to get ready. It will have to be something warm as it’s snowing out. I know I won’t be stepping across my threshold but this is a special night and I don’t want to feel chilly!

Tonight, I’m going to pick a film, light some candles, dress the table and cook for myself as lovingly as I would for a partner (while listening to something loud), then enjoy a beautiful dinner and treat myself in the way that I deserve to be treated.

It feels good.
It feels right.
Like I know I should 😉 (nana nana nana na! – sorry, James Brown moment!)

Please contact me if you would like to work on releasing any feelings you have about being alone on Valentine’s Day, or any other day, or about not being able to be alone.  EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are powerful tools to enable us to step into our own space and live without compromise.

With love

Jan 31st 2015

PS. The picture is of a cottage pie I made last week – just for me… with love.  Some is now in the freezer, ready for another day!

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