How to Tap Using EFT

I keep talking about this EFT tapping business, but how do we do it?  You don’t even need to believe that EFT works for it to be effective, just give it a go!

This technique is awesome for releasing stuck feelings, traumas, unwanted patterns and behaviours and much more besides, but how does it work?

How to tap using EFT

When you’re ready to give it a try, follow these few steps:

1. Get comfortable. I prefer to tap sitting, but you can do it lying, standing, in the car and in the bath or shower.  Have access to a glass of water and some tissues.

2. Tune into the problem.  What’s going on for you?  What’s the emotion behind what you’re feeling?  Where is that feeling in your body?  How strong is that feeling?  Rating the intensity of the feeling on a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being most intense and zero being non existent. Focus on the problem or emotion.

It’s important to get as much information about what you’re feeling as you can.

3. Create what is known as a set-up phrase.  You’ll repeat this three times.  Examples could be “a sharp pain in my left shoulder”, “an angry ball in my gut”, “a black sad feeling in my heart” “I’m feeling totally overwhelmed”, “I really need a drink”.

So, put it together like this

  • “Even though I have this (state problem here e.g. black sad feeling in my heart), I love and accept myself.”
  • “Even though I feel this (state problem here e.g. angry ball in my gut), I love and accept myself.”
  • “Even though I feel this (state problem here e.g. sharp pain in my left shoulder), I love and accept myself.”

5. Tap on the outside of one hand (it is known as the “karate-chop point”) with the first two fingers of the opposite hand and repeat the set-up phrase three times as above.

6. After this is complete, begin tapping on the points in turn.  You need to think of a reminder word or phrase to use as you tap on each point, or sometimes you might just want to tell the story about what’s happening whilst tapping to reduce the intensity.  Rant and tap definitely has its place in my book!

It doesn’t matter in which order you tap on the points, but many people find it easier to begin on the top of the head and work downwards.

Repeat the reminder phrase, for example, “this black sadness”, “this sharp pain in my shoulder” etc. and tap on the points as follows:

  • Top of the head.
  • Eyebrow: At the inside of the eye on the bony part where the brow begins
  • Side of the eye: At the outside end of the brow, on the bony part
  • Below the eye: On the upper cheek on the bony eye socket part
  • Below the nose: and above the top lip
  • Below the lower lip: Just above the chin
  • Collar bone: Just underneath the bony part a couple of inches outside of centre
  • Under arm: Just below the arm pit (where the bra strap sits for those who wear them)

7. Go through the cycle a couple of times, tapping each point six – ten times while repeating the reminder phrase or telling the story. As you tap, you may notice a change or shift – great!

8. Reevaluate. Once you’ve completed the cycle a couple of times, check in and see how you feel.  Has the issue changed in any way?  Did the intensity go down?  Or up?  Has the feeling moved in the body?  Has the emotion changed?  Rate it again from zero to ten. If there has been a change, you may need to do a new set up phrase (see step 3) and new reminder words (step 6). For example, “even though I have this red anger in my heart” and continue tapping round the points with a new reminder phrase.  You want to carry on until you feel comfortable, ideally with the score at zero. If you still feel some discomfort, keep going.

9. Don’t worry about getting the words perfect – just start!  As long as you’re tuning in to what’s happening in your body, the tapping will be having a positive effect.  If the intensity begins to change, you’ll know if its working for you!

If you would like to work with an experienced practitioner to support you in your process, please contact me for a FREE consultation.

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