Weight Loss and Christmas: A Match Made on the Jeremy Kyle Show

So, that was Christmas… and what have you done? Sorry, that was a poor imitation of a classic song.

My Christmas was a lovely time spent with family.

My family does eating at Christmas and I chose to join them in it and not restrict myself.

We had turkey and beef and all the trimmings, gammon and cheese (some exotic smelly stuff from Bury St Edmunds market) (sorry to my veggie and vegan readers – I do meat protein currently).

Then… Christmas pudding (the best I’ve ever eaten – thanks Auntie Jayne), chocolates, trifle, Guinness cake, Christmas cake, mince pies, mini chocolate rolls, Viennese whirls…. And more.

I did, however, make some different choices this year. The most important changes I made were:

  • Making a conscious choice to eat what I wanted and not feel guilty
  • In previous years I would have eaten lots of mince pies, just because they were there – and I don’t even like them much!   This year I ate one.
  • To eat with awareness of what I was doing and not inhale food and snacks (except for one random Viennese whirl that somehow slipped into my mouth when I wasn’t looking…!)
  • Not eating until the point that I felt sick (although my stomach did hurt at some points – more on that another time)
  • It was alcohol free (more about that another time too)
  • I only had 5 days off of my exercise programme

I could have done some EFT tapping on my desire to eat and snack, but I chose not to. I chose to experience the feelings. Knowing I had a choice was empowering, but I allowed all of it just to be.

So, with all of that food (and there was a lot!), what was the effect?

On my return home, I got on the scales with a little trepidation, but without the gnashing of teeth of previous years, because I already had a plan for 2015. I just wanted to know where I was at so that I could get back on with it. I felt delighted I had made a start in November and felt like it gave me an emotional (never mind physical) head start.

I have also been measuring myself since I started this journey, so I was glad to have a benchmark to compare myself with.

Result: I regained half of the inches I had lost in the previous month and gained almost 8lb in weight. All in just 2 weeks!

Was I disheartened? No.

I was grateful that’s all it was, that I hadn’t had lots of alcohol calories on top of all the food I ate, and I remembered that I had enjoyed it – every sprout of it!  ‘It’s all bought and paid for’ as one of my friends used to say as he patted his beer-belly.

I feel sure that getting back onto the plan has been so much easier without the truckload of guilt. I’m not punishing myself every time I catch sight of myself in the mirror about how many chocolates I ate on boxing day.

Having a clear goal already in place is a huge motivator. I can see past the immediate weight loss ‘blip’ and re-focus. I chose to have this ‘setback’ after all!

In the week since recommencing my programme, I have re-lost all but ½ inch of what I put on and re-lost 6 of the 8lbs.

Stopping consumption of certain bloating/ water retaining (not to mention belch inducing) foods will have been something to do with the ‘bounce’, but I am not going to belittle the fact that I also worked my butt off… with exercise and with my food intake.

I could apologise for sounding unbearably smug. It did cross my mind that I might be alienating people with this relentless positivity if you might be feeling a bit pants after the Xmas break… But the truth is, I am pleased with myself. But, I know it’s just the beginning of the year. My goals are in front of me. The proof of the pudding…. Oh no, bad analogy!

Thanks to EFT tapping:

  • I am not experiencing cravings and if I do, I’ll tap on them
  • I’m sticking to my eating plan (I chose one that isn’t too restrictive), but I don’t worry if I have an off day
  • I am moving my body in healthy ways I never have before
  • My body image is improving immeasurably
  • My weight loss programme is progressing

If you are wallowing in the guilt of ‘what have I done to my body?’, if you’re having unbearable cravings, have emotional attachments to food, or have anything else you want to work through (Christmas is a great time for triggering interesting family dynamics isn’t it?), please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation on how we might be able to work together. I know a bit about how you might be feeling and have techniques to help you move forward.

Join me on the journey.

With best wishes


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